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  • Lisa van de Geyn

7 Cool Sunglasses You Need to Buy Right Now

Here's the deal with sunglasses: Sure, they're a fun accessory (and necessary when pulling off a heist or needing to seem mysterious, obviously) but they actually do have value beyond how they look. Not that we usually tie health to anything—we're the people who tell you to watch 17 episodes of a show in a row, or to make sangria on a Monday night—but it is actually important for your peepers to protect them from the sun. So, look for lenses that offer UV protection and you basically have to buy sweet shades. Doctor's orders.

Not sure how to find frames you love? I've got you. I'm all about eyewear and I'd wear any (all, whatever) of these seven pairs of specs.

Post image: Daniel Lincoln/Unsplash


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