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  • Lisa van de Geyn

Binge-worthy: Four Shows You Need to Watch in December

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

If I’m being honest, TV is my life. (No offence to my husband and kids.) But seriously, it is. I love nothing more than a binge-worthy series to get my mind off, well, everything. That’s why it was my absolute pleasure to find these shows for you. Grab a glass of wine, get cozy and spend your holidays immersed in these superb series.

Selena: The Series

It’s been 25 years since singer and actress Selena Quintanilla died, and 23 years since the Oscar-nominated biographical film Selena was released (it’s the one that starred J. Lo as Selena). Netflix has decided to take on the Queen of Tejano’s life with a scripted series about her life story. Here’s what we know—it’s a coming-of-age story (we love a good coming-of-age story) that looks at Selena’s realization of her dreams and her truly iconic rise to fame. Portraying Selena is actress Christian Serratos

(a.k.a. Rosita on The Walking Dead). She’s phenomenal in everything she does; we don’t expect anything different in this show. Available on Netflix on December 4.

The Wilds

Not only do we love a good university drama, we’re into all shows based in high school. The Wilds is a new series is part teen drama, part Lord of the Flies—it’s about survival. The plot goes like this: There are a bunch of high school kids who are dealing with the usual high school stuff—crushes, pressure, family issues, etc. Their paths and stories end up meeting when the school trip they’re on goes awry and their plane crashes. Drama ensues. Will they ever get back home? Hard to say. Available on Amazon Prime on December 11.

Felicity: Seasons 1 to 4

Can we say “nostalgia?” If you already know us, you know Felicity is one of those TV shows from the ’90s that Katie and I just can’t quit. I guess you could call this one a cult classic because those of us who love Felicity (Keri Russell) and the story of following a boy from high school to her first year at university in New York (season one) can’t get enough. If you’re a virgin to the series, wait until you meet the two boys Felicity covets—hottie Ben (Scott Speedman) and resident advisor Noel (Scott Foley). Available on Crave TV on December 25. Merry Christmas to us all.

Your Honor: Limited Series

The question this show asks is, “How far would you go to save your child?” Seems obvious, right? This legal thriller (it’s a limited series) stars Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston as a judge in New Orleans whose teen son ends up involved in a hit-and-run that leads to, well, you guessed it: lies, horrible choices, terrible situations. Let’s just put it this way—there’s a crime family involved and a flurry of dangerous characters. This one is also full of Emmy and Golden Globe winners, including Margo Martindale, who everyone loves. Available on Crave TV on December 6.

Cover image: Mahmoud Fawzy/Unsplash


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