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  • Lisa van de Geyn

Bingeworthy: Three Shows You Need to Watch in May

Can anyone guess whether or not TV is still my life? I’m fairly confident the answer is clear. And since I’ve spent more time watching TV than updating Trink (slaps hand; apologizes profusely), let me catch you up on what’s already out and what’s on the way.

The Circle, Season 2

I’m literally watching this as I type. If you’re a fan of reality TV and social media and somehow missed season one of The Circle, I’m genuinely disappointed in you. The good news is season two dropped in April, so you can binge like crazy. The show sees contestants isolated in a building — in their own apartments — who communicate with each other via text messages in what seems like a social media app. There are fun competitions and every few days the cast rate their fellow contestants and vote for the game’s “influencers.” The influencers then decide who to block from the circle, booting them out of the game. Which players are real and who are the catfish (catfishers?)? We know but the players don’t. Start this season, stat. Available now on Netflix.

Run the World, Season 1

Don’t have a ton of time to commit to TV this month? (What else are you doing? We’re in lockdown.) Run the World is a half-hour comedy set in Harlem about a cool group of Black women besties doing the usual — navigating life, relationships and careers. These gals are fierce and hilarious. You’ll envy their friendship and enjoy watching them navigate life in New York (which feels like we'll never really see again in person, tbh, so might as well get your kicks vicariously). Available May 16 on Crave.

Younger, Season 7

My neighbours told me about Younger last summer and, since my husband, Peter, is all about girly TV shows, we binged the first six seasons in, like, a few weekends. Here’s the premise: A newly separated 40-year-old named Liza (played by Sutton Foster) re-enters the workforce and ends up faking her identity — claiming she’s 27 — to nab her dream gig at a book publishing house. No spoilers here, but wait until you meet the handsome men in her life. Hilary Duff, Debi Mazar and Nico Tortorella also star in this one. It’s funny and smart. Season seven is the farewell season, so fingers crossed they give the storyline the ending it deserves.

Available now on Amazon Prime.

Post image: Francisco Andreotti/Unsplash


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