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  • Lisa van de Geyn

Five Last-Minute Gifts that Won't Seem Last Minute

We’re down to the wire here, people. Get it together and shop for those final few friends or family on your list. Here are five suggestions we wouldn’t mind receiving, we’ll be honest.


Sequoia is an Indigenous-owned company, and their bestselling Sweetgrass Soap is super popular because its handpicked sweetgrass is so important to Native culture. The herbal, sweet smell will intoxicate any friend while also hydrating their skin.


We couldn’t find a bigger, better tumbler. This one literally takes you from your morning coffee to your 30-ounce wine at the end of the day. We’re not judging.


Send the gift of cheese and smoked meat. The box (perfect for one or two) includes baguette, cheese, meat, artisan crackers, fig chutney, olives, macarons and chocolates. (If anyone’s looking for our addresses, holler.) This company delivers in Toronto and the GTA, but there are many similar companies across the country.


We love a sassy print. This one offers a message to remember into the new year. Don’t half-ass anything. Use your full ass. (To the wire? Purchase a digital download like this one, print on heavy paper and curbside pick-up an inexpensive frame (or use one you already have! No one's gonna know, we swear.)


SickKids’ Wish List Gift, $65 (your gift is matched!)

This is an easy one. Give something fun, cool, cuddly and exciting to a kiddo spending the holidays in one of the best children’s hospitals in the world. Hospital staff and parents will work together to ensure little ones get the gifts they have their hearts set on.


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