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  • Lisa van de Geyn

It Actually Works: Nutella Hot Chocolate

No, seriously. Craving hot chocolate but there’s none on hand? This simple “recipe” is all you need.

I’m not super into life hacks—I just don’t have the patience to discover them. (And if you’re like me, you’re in luck—we’ll find them for you.) But when we were talking about the holidays, Katie threw it out there: “I think you can make hot chocolate with Nutella?” A true journalist, and in the interest of research, I offered to take on the assignment.

So, this morning—even before having a coffee—I grabbed a small mug from the cupboard and filled it three-quarters of the way with two-percent milk straight from the fridge. (Did I mention I dislike hot milk? Truth be told, I’m not even a fan of cold milk. But I digress.) I like my hot chocolate chocolatey, so I dropped two (kind of heaping) teaspoons of Nutella into the milk, then microwaved the mug for 70 seconds. When it was ready, I stirred for a good 30 seconds to make sure the Nutella was mixed in. When I was happy with the colour, I figured it was good to go.

All I can say is that I’m now ruined for all other hot chocolate. Like, my half-hot-chocolate, half-black Timmies order isn’t going to be a thing anymore. Nutella hot chocolate is thick and creamy and has that delicious nutty-chocolate taste.

So, there’s the hack—that’s it. It works. Easy-peasy. Let us know if you try it out (even if you hate it. We can take it).

Cover image: L.D.I.A./Unsplash


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