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  • Anna Lee Boschetto

Throw It In Your Bag: Might Be Makeup, Might Be Snacks

We love a good Etsy find. But we really love a good Etsy find that'll keep you organized and make you giggle every time you open your purse.

We know, keeping your favourite bag from becoming a portable junk drawer is a somewhat impossible feat. No matter how organized you try to be, at some point your phone ends up with lipgloss smeared across it, your debit card has hidden itself in a sea of receipts and your emergency granola bar has become emergency granola crumbs in the bottom of your purse.

Hello, zippered pouches from Amber & Co. Creative. Specifically sassy, fun zippered pouches from Canadian company Amber & Co. They may not help to alleviate the clutter but they'll at least help to corral it into one place. There are a dozen super-cute, customizable designs to choose from, but we're partial to Might Be Makeup, Might Be Snacks (psst: It's always snacks). Along with the design options, you can choose from a range of shades that include on-trend neons and shiny metallics.

Whether you’re using it as a makeup bag or a pencil case, the pouch’s 5 x 8-inch size makes it easy to tuck it into any size purse, carry-on, tote or bookbag. And at $9 dollars each, you can order a few and have one for every bag (because, let's be real, moving shit between purses almost never happens).

Oh, have a personal saying of your own you’d like to use? Amber & Co. Creative will work with you on a personalized design. Katie is thinking, "Are you freaking kidding me?" so that maybe she can just hold it up instead of saying it 4000 times a day.


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