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  • Katie Dupuis

Trinket Top Five: What Leisse Wilcox is Coveting Right Now

Ever wonder what other people are adding to their carts? And we don't just mean eyeing the shopping trolley in front of you at the grocery store. We're curious, so we asked author and success coach Leisse Wilcox to share the picks she's eyeing up right now.

Trinket is all about highlighting women doing brilliant girl shit, and we recently had the pleasure of chatting with “not another fucking coach” Leisse Wilcox, author of To Call Myself Beloved and creator of the podcast How to Be a Human. Leisse, who is a bestselling author, master success coach, breast cancer survivor and self-proclaimed taco enthusiast, shared with us the five things on her current wish list—for her life, her home and her closet.

Vintage Huber chair (prices vary because rare vintage, so just find a chair you like, cool?)

This pick is all about intention, and building a beautiful space for yourself to quiet your mind and unwind. “I love the idea of a chair like this, to create an area that is just yours, for pleasure,” says Wilcox. “Creating a space that is designed to slow you down does wonders for your mental health. I personally love vintage furniture, but the idea is really just that you’re setting up a spot that is uniquely for you, that makes you feel good.”

Not into shopping right now? We know some of you are saying, “Ew, stores.” Steal a chair you love from somewhere else in your house and make a quiet little nook somewhere. The point here is to designate a place for yourself, where you can read a book or listen to music, with a throw blanket, candles and so on. And NO INTERRUPTIONS ALLOWED.

Sennheiser HD 450BT Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphone ($199.99,

Tunes, podcasts, audiobooks…no matter what your listening preference, great audio makes it that much more enjoyable. For Wilcox, purchasing these headphones was all about supporting her intention to move her body: “For me, moving my body means daily walks. And walks in the winter in Canada get so much more interesting with music and podcasts. The sound quality of these headphones is just insane.” They can also plug into non-Bluetooth-enabled items…so if you’re a vinyl collector like Wilcox, these might be your new best friend.

Sobrii Zero Alcohol Gin ($35.99,

Wilcox doesn’t drink but she loves the ritual of having a drink. Enter this non-alcoholic spirit that can give you the lovely feeling of mixing a special cocktail without the boozy side of things. “Three years ago, I found myself drinking too much. I love drinking, but I can’t have just one drink,” says Wilcox. “So I stopped, completely. But I love cocktail culture, so finding zero alcohol gin and tequila allowed me to keep everything I loved—socializing, the sense of occasion—without the negative effects of alcohol.”

Fitglow Lip Colour Serum ($47.99.

Just because no one will see your lippy (well, there are always Zoom calls) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself. “This product is so pretty and simple. This shade is my favourite because it adds a little bit of beachiness," says Wilcox. I love the act of putting on makeup – even in a pandemic – and this colour just makes me feel sunkissed.” (Wilcox also raves about the rejuvenating night serum, so if you wanna save on shipping, order both.)

No matter the brand, sometimes a little makeup can work wonders for your mood or productivity. Even a throwback Bonne Belle Lipsmacker or a fun EOS balm can do its thing and give you a little pep in your step, Just try to be cranky when you’re wearing watermelon-flavoured Lipsmacker like you’re 13.

Your Shop Girl’s Custom Canadian Curated Capsule ($99.95,

If you’ve spent the pandemic hating everything in your closet, or if it has made you think, “I have too many clothes I never wear” (because we’re all at home to make these observations), Your Shop Girl might be the answer you didn’t know you needed. “This is like therapy for you and your closet,” says Wilcox. “I’ve been wearing exclusively black through the pandemic, and I really feel like I need to do this capsule wardrobe consult with Suzanne.” Your Shop Girl will (virtually) help you thin the herd in your closet and build out a capsule wardrobe you can wear every day. Gaps in the collection? She’ll make recos on pieces to purchase through a Canadian lens, so you’re also supporting small businesses.


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