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  • Lisa van de Geyn

Decor: Wooden Garlands

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

They're not just for stringing around Christmas trees. Trust us. (Not that they aren’t nice around a tree—we’re not saying that.) Shayna Goldman-Corapi's rustic-farmhouse decor is as versatile as anything on the market.

When Shayna Goldman-Corapi, a teacher and owner of a staging and decor business in Bradford, Ont., started making wooden bead garlands, it wasn’t in anticipation of Christmas. These versatile pieces can actually blend into and complement any space—think your coffee table, mantel, etc. “I originally started making wooden bead garlands to use for my home-staging business, but I couldn’t find any that were reasonably priced in stores when I wanted to buy them. When I did come across them, they were either way too expensive or I wasn’t happy with the colour of the wood or the quality of the garland,” says Goldman-Corapi. “So, I decided to hunt for the materials to make them myself—it helps that I’m a total DIYer. After making a few, I decided to gift them to clients as a thank you. Since I know each of their spaces well, I knew how to customize the garlands. One client loved them so much she asked me if she could order a few more, and that’s when I decided to make them available for sale.”

The first garland Goldman-Corapi made took so much time that she wasn’t able to fulfill her evening orders that night—or do anything else. She ended up buying a few tools to help speed up the process, but her work is still handmade and top-notch. “I customize each garland and use different materials to create them. I hand paint each bead with care and offer them in a bunch of colours. Each garland is made with quality wooden beads. You can choose to add end attachments (like tassels) that are available in many colours and materials,” she explains. “I’ll also provide recommendations for lengths when ordering. I can make them three to eight feet long."

Garland pro tip: Arrange a garland at the base of a vase of flowers or layered over a stack of coffee table books for interest and texture. If you're worried about kids, use out of reach on mantels or bookshelves (or, you know, if your kids are big enough, teach them not to touch your shit).

The fun thing about these beaded beauties is there are literally a ton of ways to style them. Goldman-Corapi likes laying garlands over a stack of coffee table books to create a cascading effect or wrapped around vases of blooms. “During the holiday season, they’re often seen wrapped around Christmas trees, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for other holidays—remember, they’re versatile. They can be used for Hanukkah decor, too. Lay them on your fireplace mantel next to your menorah, then use them on your table—wooden garland napkin rings make a beautiful statement overtop place settings.” Pricing starts at $25 and varies upon bead size and length. Find Shayna on Instagram @shay_interior_and_design.

Images: Shayna Goldman-Corapi


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