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  • Anna Lee Boschetto

Decor: Four Weekend Wallpaper Projects to Try ASAP

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

With alllll the time we’re spending at home, a pandemic reno (pandemo?) might be in order. Or maybe not a reno (we're still fairly rational over here), but a refresh. A wallpaper-driven refresh, in fact.

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about your grandmother’s floral everything. As Eva Healy, owner and principal designer of Avenue Design Inc. in Toronto, suggests, there are plenty of ways to get creative with wallpaper: “We often think wall-to-wall, but with this design element you can create a whole new feature in a space.”

So, with Healy’s words ringing in our ears, we’ve rounded up a handful of projects and wallpaper prints to add a little extra to your space. A word of warning, though: No matter what project you decide on, Healy cautions DIYers to take their time and be sure. “You’ll save yourself a lot of headache by planning out the project, using painter’s tape to hold the paper where you think you might want it to go, and then stepping back to se

e if you’re got the placement right before you make it permanent,” she says. Got it? Good. Happy papering.

Make a Statement

Accent walls are the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to try the look of wallpaper for the first time. Or how about an accent ceiling? Healy considers the ceiling as the fifth wall and encourages you to do the same. “It creates an immediate point of interest because it gives you an unexpected impact walking into a space,” she says. In a similar fashion Healy uses wallpaper on the interior walls of a closet to creates a luxe vibe. We think of it as an easy way to make your heart sing every time you get dressed. ONE TO TRY: Venetian Watercolour Peel and Stick Wallpaper, starting at $72,

Design on the Rise

We’re not traveling anytime soon but your stairs can take you to the next level (and not just in an upstairs/downstairs kind of way). Using a bold patterned wallpaper on the risers of your staircase immediately adds depth and visual interest. Sure, the stairs aren’t a room, but there is forgotten potential with every step. Healy recommends vinyl wallpaper, no matter what pattern, because it won’t show the wear-and-tear of this high-traffic area.

ONE TO TRY: Encaustic Stair Riser Decals, starting at $83,

Be Your Own Custom Artist

When Healy was after the same impact as a large-scale mural but trying to stay on budget, Healy turned to wallpaper as the solution. She had a contractor create a large frame out of trim and mounted wallpaper to plywood for a custom art piece. In more traditional homes, Healy suggests using the wainscotting as a frame and cropping the wallpaper into each section of wall.

ONE TO TRY: Chloe Purple & Pink Dark Floral Wallpaper Mural, starting at $4.92 CAD/sq. ft.,

Tip: You can often order wallpaper samples that are perfect for customizing a standard frame to add a pretty detail to a wall or tabletop. If you have a roll of actual retro paper (you can sometimes score these online, or maybe your Mom saves everything and you have a roll of paper leftover from your childhood bedroom like Katie), this is a nice way to use it without having to worry about the glue.

Increase Your Shelf Life

Looking for a hassle-free, Pinterest-worthy furniture project? Enter antique- or retro-inspired wallpaper applied sparingly to a piece of furniture (think the back interior panel of a bookshelf or the inset panels of a 1950s style credenza). Consider a peel-and-sick wallpaper which is more durable and forgiving as far as application, and bold prints that offer impact. ONE TO TRY: Filmore Gustavus Peel and Stick Wallpaper, starting at $94.64,


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