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  • Lisa van de Geyn

Meet the Maker: Dope Haus Co.'s Cas Wilson

We’re a couple of meme-loving gals (the more clever, the better), so it’s no surprise we gravitated toward these hilarious, sometimes naughty, sometimes crude, always awesome greeting cards. And no surprise: Toronto’s Cas Wilson, founder and maker of Dope Haus Co., is just a funny as her line of products. (Bonus: Her website is part retail, part community and totally worth a visit.)

Trinket: OK, tell us about yourself.

Cas Wilson: Before Dope Haus, I owned a children’s entertainment company—completely different than what I'm doing now, I know. I had a team of really cool people and we’d all go to different children’s parties, corporate events and private parties to provide services like face-painting, balloon animals, mascots, crafts, slime, you name it! I kind of miss those little sass-holes. T: LOL. So what made you start Dope Haus? CW: I've literally had this idea for years! I bought my first house five years ago and it was such a crazy experience—I wanted to create a platform for women where I could share my mistakes, missteps and simple home DIY projects. Kind of like Martha Stewart but cooler, you know? Anyway, the entertainment company took up a lot of my time, so I never had the opportunity to go full force into Dope Haus. But throughout the years, I kept a note on my phone with all the cool ideas I'd pour into Dope Haus if I ever found the time. Well, in 2020, the time found me and I've been loving it ever since! (For everything from social initiatives to pop culture-centric blog posts, you need to bookmark—it's not just greeting cards, pals.)

T: What’s your style when it comes to your work? CW: My style grows and morphs as time progresses. If you look at some of my earlier designs, you'd be like, "WTF? The same girl made these?" I love being able to transform. Right now, I'm all about vector images and clean, flat illustrations. Most of my designs include curse words and images that’ll make you look twice. As far as future work goes, I have such an extensive list of projects that I’m looking forward to releasing. The idea is to create a fun experience through gift giving and human connection. Normal cards can be so boring sometimes. T: Well, that’s the thing. Your cards are hysterically funny. What’s the best part of coming up with your products? CW: Everything! The best part about this company is that I'm inspired by anything and everything. Whether it's a conversation with friends, or cool songs, shows, movies and pop culture. It's all about relatable content and novelty. I’m certified type A (the fun kind...the cool kind, don't worry) so I find so much joy in colour-coded brainstorm sessions, then moving my ideas onto a spreadsheet, and then development. Ohhh, baby. I’m getting hot just talking about it.

Scroll down for a smattering of Dope Haus picks (so funny, right?). FYI: I'm sending Katie the Golden Girls one in March.


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