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  • Katie Dupuis

Throw It In Your Bag: basd bodycare Tubes

We love a good Canadian beauty and skincare brand (got recommendations? Share, please!) but we really love an all-natural Canadian beauty and skincare brand with gorgeous packaging and incredible scents.

When basd bodycare was the new kid on the skincare block a few years ago, people couldn’t get enough of their first-generation products in their signature scents—you could up your shower and skincare routine with coffee body scrub, body wash and body lotion in crème brulee and invigorating mint, and the interweb was divided on which one they liked better. Fast-forward a few years, and the burgeoning Canuck brand has now added seductive sandalwood and refreshing citrus to their offerings. (Seriously, their die-hard fans don’t even know what to do with themselves.)

But then they went one better: Just this past fall, basd released their body wash and body lotion in a tube format, making it more portable than ever. The lotion is perfect for your bag, your suitcase, your car. (They do have travel-sized items on offer, but trust us, you’ll run out quickly and curse yourself that you didn’t just buy the full-sized format.)

basd is also Leaping Bunny certified (so only tested on consenting adults) and scores a big fat zero on the Think Dirty scale (a service that rates the potential risks associated with personal care products in terms of toxicity, carcinogens and allergies).

Now, just try to choose a scent. Honestly, good luck to you.

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