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  • Lisa van de Geyn

Throw It In Your Bag: Grace's Craft Masks

Nix the disposables. These gorgeous, hand-embroidered masks are our pick for the all-important face covering—the current accessory you really can’t leave home without.

Well, it’s 2020 (for a bit longer, anyway), and if there’s one thing we’re tossing in our purses when we (rarely) leave the house, it’s the almighty face mask. We’ve gone from wearing those blue disposables to realizing our masks are akin to face jewellery—if you’re going to wear them (actually, this isn't up for debate—just do it), you might as well wear them.

Enter Grace from Toronto-based Grace’s Craft Store on Etsy. She’s a self-taught designer who makes pretty, unique and eco-friendly crafts, including embroidered bags and hair bows. Over the last few months, she—dare we say pivoted—to add stunning face masks to her repertoire of handmade beauties. We’re loving the floral and animal-embroidered linen pieces lined with cotton and featuring a filter pocket. These high-quality masks promote staying safe, strong and lovely. We’re all about that, too.


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